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At Bob’s Auto Repair in Pottstown, we recommend regular maintenance. Regular maintenance between service intervals should be performed in order to cut down the cost of all-out repairs. Doing so extends the lifetime of you car, truck or van and is more affordable in the long run. It will also increase the resale value of your vehicle if you ever decide to sell or trade-in. You can feel confident leaving your repair to us. All of our qualified technicians are supervised by a Master Tech who has been accredited in automotive repair, collision repair, medium-heavy duty truck repair, school bus, transit bus and truck equipment repair by the Automotive Service Excellence, a leader in automotive training. At Bob’s Auto, we perform full-service repairs and inspections excluding major bodywork, with an emphasis on general auto repair services Pottstown, brake repair, transmission repair, engine repair and oil changes. As a guarantee on our work, a 1 year/ 12,000 mile limited warranty comes standard on all services.
When it comes to safety, no part of your vehicle is more important than the brakes. They should be inspected at least once a year to determine the condition of the hydraulic system and operating hardware. While the entire braking system requires attention, the friction materials - the pads, shoes, rotors and drums - require constant attention because they wear down each time you apply your brakes.

How can I tell when my brakes need servicing?

  • The brake pedal can be depressed nearly to the floor.
  • You hear a squealing or other unusual noise when you apply the brakes. Some brands of brake pads have a built-in device that produces a high-pitched squeal when the brake pads are wearing thin.
  • The car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes.
  • You feel a grinding or bumpy sensation as you come to a stop.
  • In general, if there is something about your brakes that is making you uncomfortable, you should have them inspected.
Advances in automotive technology have resulted in vehicles that are better built and longer lasting; but no matter what the dealer's commercial may promise, they are not maintenance-free and parts do wear down. To ensure peak performance and that you get years of trouble-free driving, your manufacturer has developed a recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, which is outlined in your owner's manual.

When should my car have Scheduled Maintenance?

There are two types of maintenance services - minor and major. Minor services are generally performed at 7,500, 15,000, 45,000 and 75,000 miles while major services are performed at 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 mile intervals.

What are "minor services"?

While it varies by make and model, minor services generally include:
  • changing the oil and oil filter.
  • lubricating the chassis if it has not been factory sealed.
  • an inspection of all fluids, filters, belts, hoses, brakes and emissions.
  • tire rotation (some manufacturers recommend as a part of a minor service).

What are "major services"?

While it varies by make and model, major services generally include:
  • all minor services.
  • the replacement of various filters, fluids and spark plugs.
  • timing belt replacement at the manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval.
  • other specified major services related to the fuel delivery, emissions and ignition systems.
Steering Repair

If you count drive time as an upper body workout because your car wants to turn when you want to go straight, you may have steering system problems.
Bob's Auto has the latest diagnostic equipment and our ASE-certified technicians will determine the cause of your steering problems and get you back to effortless driving with steering repair and steering fluid flush services.

Car Suspension

Does your car dip or rock when you go over bumps or drift around corners even at low speeds?
If you answered yes, it may be time to replace your vehicle’s shocks or struts.
Whether your car or truck has shock absorbers or a strut-based system typical in many front-wheel-drive cars, we have the car suspension know-how to diagnose and repair any problem and get you back on the road with a smooth ride.

Wheel Alignment

Potholes and rough road surfaces don’t just make for a bad ride, they can affect the alignment of your wheels.
Misaligned wheels can cause a host of problems, including uneven tire wear.
Proper wheel alignment helps your tires last longer, improves gas mileage, and provides safer handling.
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